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Web Development

Web Development Transform your digital presence with PFH Technology’s Web Development expertise. In today’s global business landscape, a strong online presence is not just beneficial but essential. With the surge in e-commerce and internet users, having an engaging website can be a game-changer. At PFH Technology, we specialize in developing websites that excel in speed, […]

Licensing Guidance

Licensing Guidance At PFH Technology, we go beyond providing solutions; we offer Licensing Guidance to optimize your investment in software resources. Our expert licensing consultancy extends to renowned companies such as Microsoft, Symantec, Kaspersky, and Oracle. We understand the complexity of licensing structures and are dedicated to helping you navigate through them seamlessly. By leveraging […]

Microsoft- Centric Solutions

Microsoft- Centric Solutions Experience the pinnacle of Microsoft-centric solutions with PFH Technology, where we provide extensive corporate support and solutions tailored for the 2003 and 2008 platforms. Our expertise spans across a spectrum of essential Microsoft products, including: Microsoft active directory Microsoft exchange server Microsoft i.s.a server Microsoft SharePoint portal Microsoft SQL server Whether you […]

Network & System Support

Network & System Support Rely on PFH Technology for unparalleled Network and system Support, available on both on-call and contractual bases, providing a flexible and reliable lifeline for your IT infrastructure. Our dedicated team stands ready to address your evolving needs, offering swift assistance whenever required. Whether you opt for an on-call arrangement for immediate […]

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring Empower your remote work experience with PFH Technology’s Remote Monitoring solution. Our straightforward approach ensures that you stay seamlessly connected to your office, regardless of your location. This solution enables you to virtually observe activities in your office from any internet-connected computer worldwide. With PFH Technology, distance is no longer a barrier – […]

Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Elevate your business connectivity with PFH Technology’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution, an indispensable tool for organizations with offices dispersed across cities or even countries. Our internet-based VPN facilitates the creation of a secure and private network through the vast expanse of the internet, ensuring seamless and encrypted data sharing. Whether […]

Hardware Procurement & Maintenance

Hardware Procurement & Maintenance Experience seamless hardware solutions with PFH Technology’s comprehensive Hardware Procurement and Maintenance services. Our competitive doorstep delivery of computer hardware, tailored for both offices and individuals, ensures a swift and efficient resolution to critical breakdowns. At PFH Technology, we prioritize responsiveness – a simple call is all it takes to have […]

Antivirus Software Assistance

Antivirus Software Assistance Safeguard your office computer networks with PFH Technology’s Antivirus Software Assistance. Our tailored resolutions are designed to fortify your systems against viruses and spyware attacks. Once implemented, our solution provides real-time file protection, acting as a robust shield against potential threats. At PFH Technology, we understand the critical importance of cybersecurity, and […]

Networking Solutions

Networking Solutions Explore a new era of connectivity excellence with PFH Technology’s Networking Solutions. Our specialized services encompass both wired and wireless WAN & LAN solutions, designed to elevate your business’s connectivity infrastructure. Our seasoned team goes beyond conventional approaches, conducting a comprehensive cost-free analysis to identify the most efficient and tailored networking solution for […]